Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Just DIY it : Hot Wheels


It's an exciting day as I am currently being aired on Australian television on the Great Interior Design Challenge, Series 2, Episode 6.  If you have watched the show here are 3 further links to previous blogs I posted when the show was first aired in the U.K last November. Hope you enjoy the show!

All a bit a bit bonkers on the Great Interior Design Challenge

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On Air: The Great Interior Design Challenge  * spoiler alert *

So to celebrate 'Doing it Yourself', this weeks post is a upcycled project. 

Skill Level: Easy
Equipment required:
Old suitcase or trunk.
4 casters, one with a stopper
Enough screws for each castor.  My castors needed 3 screws each therefore 12 total.
A drill, drill bits and drill screwdriver attachment.  All suitable for the size of screw needed.

Most of the time I can't sit still and I'm thinking up a new project.  This one came to me while sitting on the sofa reading.  I had made a cuppa, set it on the old travel trunk and my arms couldn't quite reach across from prone position to lift it.  Life is tough, and so a solution had to be found.

This old travelling trunk was given to me by my Uncle Kenneth.  Its great for storage as well as a coffee table.

I had driven past the CastormartLTD store located in Belfast's University Quarter many times, but had never called in. 

 I love how castors are so practical and colourful!  There was no point just buying cheap ones, they had to work with the trunk colours. 

After a visit to the best hardware store in Belfast, Dawson Wright Hardware on the Creagh Road to get the perfect size of screws I was ready to fire up the drill.

A very pretty paper pattern on the inside.

Even the drill matches the castors.
I would have preferred brass and blue to match with the trunk, but these were not available.

Screwing on the castors was complete in less than 10 minutes.

Plenty of room underneath to store my slippers, and much easier to bring the trunk table to the sofa.

Have wheels, will travel.

Thanks for reading and I hope I have inspired you to get your wheels on!
Next week I will be back blogging on sewing, and how to transform a silk blouse into a skirt.
Till again,
Have a great time creating, reinventing and Doing it Yourself


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