Sunday, 3 May 2015

Crafted Couture : Remaking a silk blouse into a silk skirt

I have been having a little time off from madcap Costume work, giving me the chance to do a much needed wardrobe workout.  Looking through what I have and what I need.  What I need would be getting made from scratch.  What I had, was getting altered, adjusted, reinvented.

I had resigned this Donna Karan silk blouse to the 'Remaking Rail'.  I had worn it before but the frills fell at the wrong spot and I always felt bigger than the size I already am.

Looking very crinkled from being in the Remade rail.
I popped it on the mannequin, this time with the neckline as a waistband.  I would have much more opportunity to wear this as a silk skirt with frilled hem so I set about taking it apart.

Laying the top out on the table to work out the best way to make the skirt.

The neck ties needed removed completely at this stage.  Only to be sewed back on later.  Nothing of the original style was wasted.

Hand stitching the old neckline into a new waistband.
 I wanted the quality of the finished skirt to be beautiful, so I took time to hand stitch the waistband back on.  Fine good quality pins are essential when working with silk.  Do not press over them!
Inside view showing a pocket detail which original set at the centre front of the blouse.  I saw no need to remove it.

Pinning and sewing the armholes closed.  This curved side seam acted like a dart.

Rouleau loop making
I had kept the hem from a bias cut silk slip I had shortened a week before.  This bias strip was perfect for creating my rouleau loop which I could loop the tie belts into.
The ends were folded in neatly when I completed stitching them on.

Threading the tie belt through the loops. 
One side of the armhole was kept open to allow me to get it on over the hips.  Once the ribbon has been tied the opening is not visible.

The finished skirt and just the correct length for me.