Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fashion finds @ Oxfam Books...Sew Delighted!

Yesterday was a busy day...covering classes in Belfast Metropolitan College, then a walk to The Beat Carnival via town. The shutters were already coming down at Oxfam Books, Rosemary Street, Belfast when I limbo'ed under.
A very small picture of Oxfam Books, Rosemary Street, Belfast...Its beside the store 'Fresh Garbage'.

A very kind lady had donated her collection of sewing books and I had arrived in time for the gems.
I left with change of £20, and got:
  • Colette Sewing handbook with 5 paper patterns intact... I have just subscribed to her blog via finding this book!
  • Stitchopedia
  • The Batsford book of sewing from 1970...absolute classic! - now out of print.
  • Fashion in Underwear - now out of print.
  • Needlefelting

...and a 5 disc box set of Billy Wilder....oh my!!!

There are still plenty of gems in Rosemary Street and throughout all charity shops and 2nd hand book stores. I'm gathering together quite a library of reference books for a fraction of what they would cost.

Happy reading!!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Well hung: New Curtains

Saturday was spent ticking some things off my list, and of course to balance, adding a few more on.  I worked my way through paperwork and by 4pm my sister Linda and I decided to go and visit the parents.
It had been on my mind that a new curtain was needed for the sewing room as it only had a linen apron blocking out the sun, and a roller blind and neither were worth much. 
Mum is a fantastic crocheter and I have quite a collection of her creations.  I thought that one of  her blankets would make a great curtain as all the holes are already created.
Looks great tied back and drops to the floor which will block up all the draughts from the wooden floorboards. My lodger will be happy!
Tied back with a long necklace made from buttons...thrifty find £1.50!
Click on the link to show you:   How to make your very own crochet blanket
Sunday update!  I had to add this to the blog post.  I was reading my 1970's magazine 'Golden Threads' that I had bought in the charity store last week (10p each...I bought at least 30) and I saw this article for 'Crochet Door Curtain'...couldn't believe it!  I am SO a 1970's child!!


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Crafted Couture: Instant Chanel with buttons

Good evening all

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend with my big sister, her husband, my niece Susie (7) and nephew Paddy (5).  It was spent trailing the thrift stores, reading both bedtime stories and craft magazines and giving my sister a tutorial on how to make childrens dresses.  A big highlight of the weekend was a visit to the V&A museum 'Hollywood Costume' exhibition.  More about that later. Best thing about big sisters is that they donate hand-me-downs and I came home with a new pair of boots and a black wool jacket....which I decided to customise.

Heres what it looked like before...

I had found a book on Chanel in the charity shop before Christmas and its been so inspirational!...
What would Coco do?
I replaced the black with gold buttons in varying sizes shape and design and added buttons to the cuffs and the front pockets where previously there had been none.
Throw on strings of beads with flowers that are crocheted by my mum Katie and hey presto...instant Chanel for a fraction of the price. 
Accessories shoes £4, hat £6.  Look a million dollars.
Buttons are one of the easiest ways to update and change a garment completely. 

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel
Thanks sister!  I love my new jacket.