Monday, 13 April 2015

Crafting colourful Game of Thrones car seats out of left over fabrics


Before I start writing this, I must say hello and welcome to all my new followers in Russia! I am delighted that I have readers in Russia and you are now my no. 1 readership country, overtaking the USA and UK.

I have been so busy creating, altering, reworking, reinventing and DIY-ing that I now is the time to share what I have been up to.

In February, my favourite car my 1995 Honda Civic said farewell to the roads and she had to be replaced.  A gold Nissan was bought.  She takes me from A-B, but is pretty drab inside.  I have lots of fabric scraps and I thought I would brighten up the upholstery.

A very grey and boring interior.  It was making me gloomy!
Season 5 Game of Thrones has just been aired and did you know its made in Belfast?! I am lucky enough to have been involved in Seasons 1-4 making costumes.  I took a break for Season 4 as it was my 40th birthday and wanted to try other adventures. I have gathered up a scraps of costume cuttings which we are allowed to get after each season is completed and I decided to use these to make my car more plush and colourful.
Lots of rich velvets and brocades.  Can you spot any of your favourite characters costume fabrics?
About 80 of the fabrics are GOT and the other 20 % are plush fabrics I have in my fabric stash.  The bright pink fabric is 100% Irish linen and dates back to the 1970's.

It took hours to sew!!

I backed it in 100% wool bedcover and the blue side panels are silk.  No skipping corners here with the quality of fabrics! I like my natural cloths and natural means long lasting and quality.

Quilting through the layers of cloth and backing fabric.  A rich patchwork of textures and patterns.

My drivers seat has now been renamed my throne!
I made the covers loose so they are not permanent and if I choose to change their purpose it is easy to do so.  Perhaps this might end up as I bed patchwork quilt in the future.
But for now, it brightens up otherwise very grey car upholstery.  Come on car designers, give us more colourful options!

 The quilting makes for a more comfortable seat, colour and comfort!
Till next time, enjoy the new Season of Game of Thrones and all the hard work that is put into to making it such a visual feast.  I'm taking my car on a road trip of the Mourne Mountains in County Down to visit many of the locations where the series is shot.  For all my blog readers who haven't yet visited Ireland, our own island is a patchwork of wonderful textures, patterns and shades of green, browns and golds.  Come visit!

Till next time,


  1. Oh now that is so fantastic! I bet it makes you smile every time you get in. Well done on being so creative! Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane I'm really happy you like the covers. It does make for a smiley driving experience :) Christine x

  2. Wow, nice crafting, really awesome. I have also a green & black combined seat cover from bestforauto. It is easily washable & makes me more comfortable. but your designs are fantastic I think to try it for my car.