Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cushy numbers

I love comfort in the home, and no-where more important than the Living Room.  Comfort is diving into cushions and in my living room I have 14 and counting! 

I don't really understand the concept of having 'a good room'.  Rooms, especially 'Living Rooms' are to be lived in.  Somewhere you should feel comfortable to kick off your shoes and throw your legs up on the couch/sofa/chaise longue. A space where your friends should  feel comfortable to also kick off their shoes and relax!  I've had my sofa for 8 years and I can't believe its taken me to now to actually do something more colourful with it.  I mean, its brown!!! I think I have turned into my parents!
So while brown hides melted Dairy Milk smudges, it is also quite, lets be kind here, not very exciting.   Below I have tried to disguise it with a stripy woollen throw from Flaxmill Textiles.

In Belfast we have Titanic Film Studios where Game of Thrones has been based for Season 1-5.  I have been sewing costumes for Seasons 1-4 and we often get remnants and small scraps of fabric.

So I decided to brighten up the brown and make new covers from GOT fabrics.  Printed silk velvets, brocades, gold embroideries.  Velvets are perfect for sinking into on a big sofa...very sumptuous and luxurious! 

Testing out the best colours to match up with the colours in the throw.

Brown and out

 Patching up velvets to make a big cover.  Duck filled cushions....bliss!

Even the smallest scraps can be patched together.

Joffrey notices that now he's a goner, I have used his coat to make a cushion!
Image Credit Helen Sloan HBO

Mum crocheted the throw over the arm of the sofa.  More on my talented mum coming soon.  She's my inspiration.

 All the cushions have different fabrics for the back so can be plumped up either many options! So many colours!

 Now to sit down and sink into my sofa and listen to this fantastic wee tune from the Celtic Shores.
'Can Ye Sew Cushions' by Jean Redpath.  Love it!

Till next time
Christine x


  1. Still trying to get my head around the fact that Joffrey's coat is now a cushion - love it! Great to meet you x Jane

    1. Hi Jane, I maybe should alter my wording. Its not actually his coat I used, but the same fabric to make his coat. Some off cuts. Glad you enjoyed the post though! :) Christine