Thursday, 6 November 2014

All a bit bonkers on the Great Interior Design Challenge!

Today's the day!  Back in May, I received a telephone call to be part of the Great Interior Design Challenge Series 2.  I was 40 in April and had made a promise to myself to make 2014 a memorable and adventurous one.  It hasn't failed to disappoint.  I paused for a moment, phoned a few friends and family and said yes, absolutely! I'm always up for a challenge and new experiences.

Here's the preview for tonight's show.  BBC2 7pm.  I love what Sophie has said about my room...I think she was spot on! Click on the image for the link to the video clip.
Richard, me and Luke awaiting our fate.

The GIDC was featured in November 2014 Ideal Home magazine.
Sophie and Daniel the fabulous judges
Sophie and I smoothing out the creases in my wallpaper.  Ideal Home called over to my building site on day 2 for a photoshoot.
Back in June my friend Martin Jordan, a freelance cameraman filmed my house and this was sent over to London as a selection process. Thank you Martin! I was in London that Friday to see the Italian Fashion exhibition at the V&A and couriered my SD card with precious footage to Holly of Studio Lambert, the production company. Within a few days, I had been given my selection process brief, I was chosen and it was all systems go!

Early July, Zoe my freelance camerawoman flew to Belfast to film my wee house and my street was all buzz and biz with the goings on. Zoe made me feel completely at ease and I was delighted to hear that she would be my camerawoman for the actual show.

I was the only contestant from Northern Ireland and flew over on the Tuesday evening from Aldergrove to Luton. The flight was delayed by 2 hours and I didn't get to bed in the hotel until 3.20am with a 8am start the next day. I could really have done with a hug at this stage! But, the show must go on and the adrenalin was kicking in!
Welwyn Garden City Centre
 It was good to be back in WGC, I had worked for Adria Charnos Hosiery back in the late 90's as a children's hosiery and sock designer and one of our customers was Tesco. Their head office is in WGC so we flew over to present the new designs. It had been 15 years, this view was welcoming.

A quick check in at the hotel in Welwyn Garden City and it was off to meet the homeowners!
I can't say much more on the show in this post, but I will be posting after the show airs this evening. 
Till tonight, little bit of Madness...its all a bit bonkers really!!
Christine x




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