Friday, 8 February 2013

Crafted Couture: Bias Binding with TLC, patience and time

Friday has arrived and that means I am already enjoying a long weekend and an afternoon coffee in my favourite mug.

The weekend never actually means time off as I am just one of those people that even when watching a film, I'm knitting or unpicking something!  I'm sure I am not the only one that does this!!

Later on today I will be designing and making new things for the Three Crafty Birds stand at St Georges market this weekend.  After last weeks trading my sister Linda and I went for a rummage in The Rusty Zip. The Rusty Zip is a fantastic vintage and retro store that is an institution on Botanic Avenue, Belfast.  Lets look inside the bags!...

The Rusty Zip has just had a complete refurbishment and lots of fantastic clothes swinging on the rails. 

I spyed this jacket... I'm a sucker for Donegal Tweed and a real find at £10! 

The fabric is so beautiful, but it didn't deserve to be finished in a tired bawley woven nylon binding.  I knew I had the perfect length of leather at home and that all this jacket needed was a little TLC, and a little patience and time.
Carefully snipping off the binding

Stitching the new leather binding on.

Large glass headed pins securely attaching the binding.  Much better looking than the tired binding now discarded to the left.

Bias Binding and a good pressing gives the jacket new life, with many more years ahead.  I added a soft leather belt, perfect colour match.
Think twice before you throw clothes out...give them a second chance!
Have a great weekend everyone, happy sewing, creating and crafting.
See you next week xx


  1. I love how you can just tranform things! Looks great!

  2. Hi there! You really transformed that gorgeous jacket-well done, it looks so much chicer and stylish!

    1. Thankyou @MyStyle :-) I love spending just a little extra time and getting it right. A good fabric deserves it :). I've just discovered your fabulous blog via the site as my sister Hey!Homewrecker was also included on their `Favourite Vintage blog sites'!