Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fashion finds @ Oxfam Books...Sew Delighted!

Yesterday was a busy day...covering classes in Belfast Metropolitan College, then a walk to The Beat Carnival via town. The shutters were already coming down at Oxfam Books, Rosemary Street, Belfast when I limbo'ed under.
A very small picture of Oxfam Books, Rosemary Street, Belfast...Its beside the store 'Fresh Garbage'.

A very kind lady had donated her collection of sewing books and I had arrived in time for the gems.
I left with change of £20, and got:
  • Colette Sewing handbook with 5 paper patterns intact... I have just subscribed to her blog via finding this book!
  • Stitchopedia
  • The Batsford book of sewing from 1970...absolute classic! - now out of print.
  • Fashion in Underwear - now out of print.
  • Needlefelting

...and a 5 disc box set of Billy Wilder....oh my!!!

There are still plenty of gems in Rosemary Street and throughout all charity shops and 2nd hand book stores. I'm gathering together quite a library of reference books for a fraction of what they would cost.

Happy reading!!


  1. There's also Knitopedia if you can track it down, different author, same publisher.

    1. Thankyou Van Appears that one sounds great...I shall check it out online...I am going to have to build another book shelf for all these finds!