Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hung up on you

I love sewing and I especially love all things vintage sewing. 

I'm a real fan of the beautiful wooden thread spools from way back when.  Even the thread colours seem more alive and more vibrant.  So imagine how happy I was when I received a big bag full of these...it was like being given a big bag of colourful sweets!  Many of the threads were too dry with age to use so I decided to make some hanging storage for my scarves, patterns and bags.  Here's how it was all done.  

Big bag of treats!! And a small section of skirting board left over from the wardrobe post last year. http://colourandcloth.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/new-year-new-wardrobe.html

Look at those wonderful labels and print colours!
Borrowing my dads hand sander and getting to work on the skirting board.

My dad's shed.  Full of wonderful gadgets!!

The depth of these Clarks spools called for a longer length of screw, and an electric drill. 

Somewhere to display all my coloured scarves.


These spools were attached onto an old bunk bed slat that was no longer needed.  Very handy for hanging all my dress patterns on.
Here is the skirting board one...distressed and white. Perfect for my boudoir to hang my evening bags on.

I thought I would have a look for some spool related music and came across these dudes!! Click on the link to hear some of their tunes!  Spools of Dark Thread
Until next time, Happy Creating!
Christine x


  1. What a great idea Christine. I've got a few of the larger spools and love to just stare at them - the colours do seem more intense - but it would be great to actually make them into something useful x Jane

    1. Glad you liked the project Jane, and I hope I have inspired you to do something similar :)