Wednesday, 10 July 2013

DIY minature Mannequin


Hello everyone, its been a long time ...

I hope you all have been having a great summer so far and I am happy to report that in Belfast, Northern Ireland we have been having non -stop sunshine for 2 weeks!!
I've been working just a little too hard since May and honestly only getting a still moment to write this blog.  I prefer not to bombard you with blogs, posting thoughts that I haven't had time to think about.  Sharing what I have been up to is very relaxing for me, so here goes...
I have always loved mannequins, but they are so expensive, so I decided to make one myself.  I really wanted a miniature, but these are over £250 to buy.  Having a padded one, rather than a wire one, means I can design and play with ideas before cutting the full size pattern. 
 I bought the frame from Dunelm Mill for £9.99 and set to work with some polyester wadding, tshirt jersey and calico. 

Filling up inside the whole frame to make it solid.  Wrapping wadding around the wire arms to give shape.

Shaping up nicely

Adding some bosoms and pin-ipples.  Stretching the jersey over the form to shape and keep all the wadding in.

Adding curves and definition by stitching through the wadding and jersey

Jersey covered stretched and sewn in place. 
Slightly lob-sided, but hey aren't we all?

Fitting the back calico cover

Shaping the front calico cover
Sunday sewing...raising the neck height and slip stitching in place.

I named her Dolly.  She's not perfect, but I am really pleased to have taken the time to make her myself.  Looking forward to adding her to my sewing room.
After I made Dolly I came across this website for modern, vintage and antique dress stands 
Happy sewing, crafting and creating
Till next time




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