Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Monster costume job for Rock gods, The Answer

Early January I was contacted by Renegade Maverick productions based in Belfast regarding making costumes for a music video. 

The group, The Answer, from Northern Ireland. No question...I would do it!

THE STARS from left to right: Michael, John, Cormac and Paul

These images were from the album artwork and were emailed to me to base the costumes on.

The video would be filmed in a disused factory in County Armagh and the costumes would be used for the shoot.  The tune RED is the first release from The Answers newly released album 'Raise a Little Hell'.

With 10 days till the video shoot it was full on, sourcing costumes on Botanic Avenue, bidding on ebay and altering, pinning, sewing and glueing.  My 3 up, 3 down was covered in fake fur, spray cans , glue and feathers.  The neighbours were wondering...again.  They are used to it!

For 1 night I had to mask off space for spraying down the costumes.  This was done by my very talented sister Kathryn who is a Costume Breakdown Artist on Game of Thrones.

A great selection of spray paints from LOKO skate shop in Belfast.

Kathryn is very shy.

Trying to keep the house tidy in amongst all the monster mayhem.

The image that you are working to is always close to hand so that a likeness as close to the image can be achieved.

  Spraying into Michael's headpiece.

Deadline for delivery nearing, so the chaos is abandoned.  Smartphones amongst the glue guns, kimble tag guns and spray paint.  The aftermath is wrapped up.  Thank goodness for plastic sheets.

A deserted linen factory in County Armagh.  I had passed it many times and always wanted to go in, so was delighted when I finally got the chance.  This leather chair just happened to be outside.

The lofty linen factory transformed for the video shoot.

Hair and Makeup work magic

The clocks have stopped at 30 years ago.  Who is that ghostly figure in the doorway?!

Beautifully embroidered Irish linen still in its packaging.

While the band where setting up, I was downstairs discovering great photographs!

I love the very ingenious chains made by Darren and his team from lagging pipe foam.

There was such a great atmosphere on set, it was a long night into the wee hours, but we were well fed, the craic was 90, and the music was FANTASTIC!  Cormac gives me a big hug after a long evening. He's a legend!

Under the hot lights, playing the drums all night and under all that fur, John still managed to stay upright.  He's also a total legend.
Michael, rockin', and raising a little hell.

Paul, not playing the blues, but rockin it wild!
Have a great tour guys, it was a real pleasure working with you.
Till next time,
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