Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Couch Time

So far this week I have mostly been catching up on sleep after a very eventful and busy week previous.  All shall be revealed in September ;)

I'm spending my evening on the sofa, a tub of icecream has mysteriously melted into my mouth, and the sun has melted into the horizon. With an hour before I turn into a pumpkin, I'm putting it to good use and sharing some couch time.

Often I sit on the couch and think, and then think of things I can change around the house.  I do this to avoid actually doing work.  My living into dining room is open plan and I'm very much into a good flow of energy and movement through my spaces.  But there was a blockage.  I hadn't noticed it in the 9 years I've been in the house, but there it was, the arm rest of the sofa. 

  So I got off the sofa and turned it on its side.
And sat the cushions back on the floor.  Very uncomfortable after 2 hours watching a film, even though I really enjoy sitting on the floor.
I decided to make a chaise longue.  With drills, screwdrivers and brute force I removed one end.
Took the remaining fabric and pinned it in place. 
Hand stitched and staple gunned in place.
The finished sofa.
Much better view when lying down chilling out.
I also took the feet off the sofa, lowering it by a few inches, giving a more relaxed height and seating position.
Putting my feet up now!
Goodnight and keep creating
Christine x