Tuesday, 29 April 2014

DIY - by hook or by crook

Its been a long time, nearly 4 months since my last post...I feel like I'm lowering my head and confessing.  But I know I'm always full of NY promises that I will blog more often, but it never happens! Please forgive, ... hopefully they are worth waiting for.
Recently Colour and Cloth has expanded into Colour Cloth and Craft, because that's just the way it was heading.  All 3 C words encompassing a wide expanse of materials that I can post about.  I'm not only interested in Colour and Cloth, I love DIY, woodwork, poetry, painting, sketching, gardening and baking, all of which are crafts in their own beautiful way. (lots of influences from my folks and grand folks).  So I really felt the need to expand, hopefully opening up in many avenues and interests.
Today its DIY, which I get from my good ol' da Andrew Boyle. 
When I was younger I helped dad put the wallpaper paste on the anaglypta Graeme and Browne wallpaper (what goes up, must come down, Super Fresco make it easy with G&B...you remember?!), and helped him paint the chip wood magnolia.  Despite many differences, I am still 1 of 'daddys 4 girls' ;)
So when its comes to DIY, I'm always looking around for new projects to get stuck into.
I had found this hat stand in a alley near my house (I was putting my bin out before you ask...I don't normally frequent alleyways), rescued it and sprayed it black.
Got bored with it after a few years and wanted to see my scarves so I can actually wear them!

New drill out...best purchase last year. Out come the screws.
Level off the pole
To make a table for my bedtime reading ;)
Silky scarves in the bedroom.... ;)
Turn it on its side and it becomes a tie back for the wardrobe curtain :)
Hope you all enjoyed the post.  I'll not promise to write again for a while so I don't disappoint!!
Till we meet again
Happy CCC x from CB